Whatsapp Street Groups

If you would like to join your Street Group, have a look at the list below and then contact us on info@unhw.co.za with the subject line “Street Group” and include your contact details and address and we will have your captain add you.

If your street is not listed, then start a group for your street, add your neighbours and then contact us on info@unhw.co.za with the subject line “Street Captain” so that we can add you to the Street Captain’s Group. Remember to include all your contact details.

Street / Complex Name Street (if complex)
Barcelona Street
Bonn Street
Bon Bello Close
Cadiz Street
Chamorne Close
Gazelle Street
Geneva Crescent
Hella Crescent
Kruinzicht Crescent
Leeds Close
Madrid Street
Marco Close
Monaco Street
Mont Blanc Crescent
Monte Carlo Street
Mooizicht Close
Mount Close
Naples Close
Nice Street
Old Tafford Sicily Street
Oslo Crescent
Paris Street
Parkzicht Close
Provence Close
Rael Close
Richter Street
Rotterdam Crescent
Rouge Close
Sardinia Crescent Sicily Street
Stockholm Street
Tuscany Crescent
Tosca Crescent
Valentia Street
Vatican Villas St Peters Road
Zandzicht Close
Zurich Street