Uitzicht NHW

The Uitzicht Neighbourhood Watch held its annual Annual General Meeting (AGM) in October 2020.

New committee members were elected as follows:

  • Craig Adams                                           Chairman
  • Norman Turner                                     Vice Chairman
  • Nicholas Georghiou                              Operation Manager
  • Chantal Frittelli                                     Treasurer/Admin
  • Taryn Roux                                             Secretary/Admin

The past Admin members will always be here to assist where necessary and are just a phone call or street away.

The committee roles are as follows:

  • Chairman
  • Vice-Chairman
  • Secretary
  • Ops Manager
  • Treasurer
  • Patrol Manager

But the committee requires a minimum of three people which could consist of:

  • Chairman
  • Secretary/Treasurer
  • Ops/Patrol Manager

We have managed to fill the minimum of three people required to keep the committee and Neighbourhood Watch active but urgently require members to fill the empty posts. It requires everyone on board to continue with a successful Neighbourhood Watch.

Anyone who is interested to come forward and assist the currently elected committee in any one of the unfilled posts please email your details to info@UNHW.co.za giving full details of the post you would be prepared to fill. Anyone who would like to assist the current committee with their tasks in a voluntary position, can you also make contact with the committee on info@UNHW.co.za.

Your help with UNHW Street Whatsapp Groups is always appreciated, and we continue to add new streets on to our list and new members. Please contact us on info@UNHW.co.za should you wish to join a Street Group or start a group for your street.

It is important that funds are raised towards the continued use of the cameras as we would like to connect these to the Vumatel Fibre network but require an ISP which would cost money. We need on a continuous basis to keep the cameras maintained, insured and licensed. We would also like to add to our network to give us better coverage and protection.

Be safe.